The Holiday Week is Here and the New Year is Just Around the Corner.

Question 1: What are you doing for the Christmas holiday?

This time of the year, people are shopping for the gifts of a lifetime but also fighting for them too. Shopping online and going through the department stores in NYC and in other places.

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday throughout the year, where families visit each other and/or start celebrating new traditions by getting rid of the old. Everyone has their own way of doing things this year-round.

Sitting around by the table with my family and friends was always a happy moment because you create memories, open gifts, eat food (the best part), sing or listen to the classics, and talk about the different things that you are planning to do in the next upcoming year.

Nothing is more satisfying, then being with a family who loves and care for you.

Question 2: Do you ever stop and think about other people who can’t celebrate the most joyful holiday of the year?

Christmas might be excited for most people, but not a lot of people can afford the gifts and happiness of the holiday spirit, why because they might have lost jobs, homes, and/or family, the year now or the year before.

Perhaps donate some food, gifts, or clothes to people that want the love of the holidays. Nothing can make you warmer in your heart than to give to others such as children, seniors, groups of family.

Not everything must have a price on it, somethings can be priceless, and this is the perfect time to create new resolutions for the new year 2019. Get rid of the hatred for your haters because who knows your enemy might become your closest friend.

No one can predict what the future will hold.



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