Developing My Website

Today in class, we made some touch ups of our website that will help it move along great. We installed  Akismet- anti spam onto the website to prevent unnecessary spams. Creating a website overall was hard in itself but I was able to manage, because what I learned is that in doing this, my website will create more buzz feed. As you’ll see I added new features like a contact me, exploring photographs, an about me section, and jetpack.

Developing my own website is crazy awesome because I can now, show the world my passion for photography and writing. Before, I did not know how to express my work, it looks like I can finally do that now.

So, anyway back to photojournalism, it has always been something I was passionate about. Having the ability to create  new images and appreciate  the history of photography and how things work. Taking photos gives me feel relaxed like I am in my element.

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