Doctor Who, The Last Time Lord

Imagine a moment in your life, where you can go anywhere you want to. In and out of the universe to experience life . Also given the opportunity to become a different person time after time, even when you have died. Well, Doctor who, the traveling time lord can do exactly that.

He travels through time and space in different eras of the world, saving the lives of aliens, and humans everywhere. Doctor who, a man with an unknown name from a planet called Gallifrey. His planet was destroyed in the last great time war, making him one of the last of his kind across the galaxy. However, Doctor who is not a man who travels alone, throughout every aspect of his life, he travels with a female companion, aboard the TARDIS. The TARDIS is the most powerful spaceships in the universe,  designed as an old blue police box. The TARDIS is a really unique, it can do almost anything, it can change its appearance just like the Doctor, and it can blend into the environment, everywhere it lands.

This gif represents season 5 of Doctor Who in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who cannot only change is appearance, but his age changes as well depending on the person he transforms into. The series of Doctor who, is one of the longest running tv shows in BBC TV ever. Doctor Who is dated back to the early 60s to the present time, when we didn’t have colored telly (television) yet.

Doctor who, is an awesome show and quite interesting. Try watching it. It may not be like Game of Thrones or Viking but once you have seen it, you will be looking for more.


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