What is making me happy

There are not a lot of people, that can speak the truth about the world we live in today. Artist much like Childish Gambino sings the given elements of what people see before their eyes. Like the political and injustice social environment that has kept our views, rights, and freedom is hidden away.

What makes me happy about this song is that not only is Childish Gambino showing what is happening in most neighborhoods, schools and etc, but he is performing a perfect example of how the past chain of events can influence my future in the 21st-century modern-day life. It has me thinking about my life and what sort of impact can I leave the world thinking about.

The last record part, where Gambino is running away from those events shows me and which bares the question (What can I change or what can we do?) by simply turning or running away from the reality that is our world. It does not really matter, what race, gender, and ethnicity we come from. If believing in something gives you strength then use it to make a difference.


GIF Moments of CT 101

Literally, on the first class day, I really did not know what to expect being so nervous, I could not even think straight. Considering I had never taken a CT course in digital storytelling, and above all that I had no knowledge of how to even start.

Then, Professor Ryan was telling us stories and the types of the assignments we will be doing in during the course. It got me thinking now, I can finally express myself, develop creative ideas that I never knew I could do, and construct all of that sitting at the computer. Which I love to do anyway in between my free time.

After listening and getting an understanding of how this course might be, I felt fulfilled and happy knowing this is one class, I can look back on in future and remember where I got my first start at success on creating my own blog, that I can call my own. So I can’t wait to learn more exciting things, this class has to offer me.

I can’t wait to learn more exciting things, this class has to offer me. Now, that nerves are gone, look out…


Understanding Memes are Indeed Art

My first meme was very exciting, because once I got an idea or visual in my mind of what I wanted to say, it became quite easy to design. The dynamic part about memes is the ability to convey messages in expressions and/or feelings to the public in the form of digital media.

I have come to understand memes are definitely art because it creates a social connection or trend that develops into a skill used in careers like marketing in advertising brands, in order to reach and get responses from a young generational audience through Facebook, and twitter. The 21st-century cultural pattern has determined, that this freedom of voice in meme art can be passed down further into the future. Here above is meme art I myself had created using the 3D feature in Photoshop during CT 101, which I find is a very useful piece of technology in developing your latest ideas.

Here are some memes I found quite funny and displays how it gets when you get distracted during the day especially in a boring class.


Live Behind The ;>Theatrical Panoramic

CT 101 with Professor Seslow has become even more interesting and digitally creative when he teaches us about the panoramic feature on our smartphones for the first time. Entering the world of panoramic view, understanding it and using it to the utmost advance was incredibly amazing because my team members and I got an idea, where we are having a social discussion involving mannequins but the funnier part of it, was us carrying a half mannequin around with no legs to pose. Even though, it was an experience to remember. It took a lot of determination and hard work to get it done because there were a few obstacles that got in the way but after we finished the panoramic photo it turned out great.

Flash For the Paparazzi!!!

Recently in CT 101, we learn the amazing art of how to make animated portraits, and the perfect person I thought of was my idol Tae Yang, my favorite K-pop member from the Big Bang. He raps, sings and his fashion sense is always on point. Anyone would think he was crazy because his hair was always changing but that is what makes him unique in his own. Creating an animated Gif portrait is not a one-day thing to learn in a matter of minutes, it’s a long step by step process and missing a beat is crucial. I would know, it took a while but I got back on track with the flow of things and I GOT IT DONE!!

Doctor Who, The Last Time Lord

Imagine a moment in your life, where you can go anywhere you want to. In and out of the universe to experience life . Also given the opportunity to become a different person time after time, even when you have died. Well, Doctor who, the traveling time lord can do exactly that.

He travels through time and space in different eras of the world, saving the lives of aliens, and humans everywhere. Doctor who, a man with an unknown name from a planet called Gallifrey. His planet was destroyed in the last great time war, making him one of the last of his kind across the galaxy. However, Doctor who is not a man who travels alone, throughout every aspect of his life, he travels with a female companion, aboard the TARDIS. The TARDIS is the most powerful spaceships in the universe,  designed as an old blue police box. The TARDIS is a really unique, it can do almost anything, it can change its appearance just like the Doctor, and it can blend into the environment, everywhere it lands.

This gif represents season 5 of Doctor Who in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who cannot only change is appearance, but his age changes as well depending on the person he transforms into. The series of Doctor who, is one of the longest running tv shows in BBC TV ever. Doctor Who is dated back to the early 60s to the present time, when we didn’t have colored telly (television) yet.

Doctor who, is an awesome show and quite interesting. Try watching it. It may not be like Game of Thrones or Viking but once you have seen it, you will be looking for more.


Join the New Trend…..VAPOR WAVES!

In class today, we developed a new ways to create more interesting posts by incorporating vapor waves. Vapor waves is new idea of memes in recreating 80s and 90s styles, using photoshop as the graphic design tool. However, creating vapor waves wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, in fact it was quite difficult to get all the steps down one by one. Vapor waves are dynamically cool, and fancy, because you can pick any images in transparent form and convert them into the png to transfer them into a big art board into photoshop.  After, doing so, you can resize your image, even arrange them in any order you prefer, creating a dramatic new scene.

Welcome to the vapor wave trend…..iTS MIND BOOMING!!


Developing My Website

Today in class, we made some touch ups of our website that will help it move along great. We installed  Akismet- anti spam onto the website to prevent unnecessary spams. Creating a website overall was hard in itself but I was able to manage, because what I learned is that in doing this, my website will create more buzz feed. As you’ll see I added new features like a contact me, exploring photographs, an about me section, and jetpack.

Developing my own website is crazy awesome because I can now, show the world my passion for photography and writing. Before, I did not know how to express my work, it looks like I can finally do that now.

So, anyway back to photojournalism, it has always been something I was passionate about. Having the ability to create  new images and appreciate  the history of photography and how things work. Taking photos gives me feel relaxed like I am in my element.

The Semester is Near! Study Hard People

Now, the days are going down fast, everything is going to get more difficult to handle because you got assignments due, midterms and exams to complete in order achieve that finish grade, that you most desperately want.

Hard work in progress and goals reached. Even though it might say cram week on top, it does not mean spiral out of control. Plan and organize, the remaining months, so you have everything worked out before the holiday’s hit you because you do not want to look like this if it does become cram week for you>

Nah, we don’t want that. We want this>







A Fearless Legend Among Many!

 Creating animated portrait GIF again, but this time using multiple layer frames of the image with dramatic effects in the Adobe Photoshop, which consist the lasso tool that I used to cut out the glasses on Spike Lee’s face. The image I chose was Spike Lee because he is an iconic filmmaker, actor, and writer since the 80s. His films target social injustice and controversy towards race and violence in law enforcement, and the government in urban communities, that connect to our world today. He is the only black filmmaker I know that still holds the culture of urban life in his films rather it was good or bad. Even specific locations within the films formulate meanings, that some people might pass by when they are watching them. This class has given me the opportunity to introduce, people in the music/movie industry that matters to me in GIF form.

Trailer from “Do The Right Thing”