Final Blog Post :< "It's the End of the Road"

So, the end of the semester has come, and we are moving on further into our majors.

Honestly, in my heart, there will never be another class like CT 101 without Professor Seslow, why because of him the experience I had in this class will be absolutely “unforgettable”.

It’s sad, the semester ended so quickly, so here’s a Song from Boys II To Men!! You all know it.

However, that does not mean I  am not happy about the semester ending. I am overjoyed, that it’s finally over now, and my finals are done. Holiday break… here I come.

NOW: Let’s look back through the semester, shall we…

Truth is, I never wanted to take a CT course, but my advisor suggested I take it to further my chances of graduating faster and to see what the course was really going to be. At the time I needed one more class to complete my fall semester. So, I said ” what the heck”, and I added the class to my schedule for the rest of the term.

What I didn’t expect to discover was the class to be so fun, exciting, interesting, and creative. It literally blows my mind to find out that I get to create my own website with GIF, memes, animated gif portraits, vaporware, and so much more. I have blogged before in the past, but this class took it to a whole new level for me, and at that moment I knew this was going get life-changing.

Professor Seslow was the most laid-back professor that I’ve ever had in my college year so far. He was cool and relaxed enough to make the class feel comfortable around him without the stress of having to sit in a lectured class listening to a boring teacher talk for the last 3 to 4 hours.

I am very grateful for his help and guidance throughout everything I’ve learned, and I will definitely be using his techniques to further my website in the future.

Within the first start week of the semester, we worked on our first assignment, when we had to post a blog on what makes us happy. Here is mine: I talked about Childish Gambino, an artist who speaks the truth about our society as black people in the modern-day 21st century. He had me thinking about my future in the world with all of its political and social injustice rising in our communities every day.  I was very happy to write about someone who influenced me in my young life. 

The second week was when everything really started to get more interesting, and that was creating Gifs out of YouTube videos. Now, I have heard and seen Gifs before. But, creating one was not what I was expecting to do in just the second week. However, I could have not been any more wrong because it turns out, it was very fun to do, especially using websites like and These sites gave us a chance to develop our gifs with captions and/or phrases that mean something to us. My first gif was on my nervous reaction to CT 101 on the first day, the stories Professor Seslow was telling us, gaining the ability to develop and design sitting at a computer desk, coming up with new ideas on how I wanted to express myself,  and how happy and fulfilled I was to have an opportunity to test out my new skills on my website. Here again is one of my works

Memes were introduced to us during the third week of the semester. Professor Seslow poses the question to the class and even showed us a video on what people think about memes being art. Memes have been a trend for so long that even business companies and political campaigns are using them. You see them on the trains and in the buses, billboards with models, and on the internet such as Twitter, and Facebook. These examples are references to how popular memes have become over the years. What I learned from creating memes is that they’re truly art, why because it allows people to express in words and in pictures. It gives people a chance to have” freedom of voice” in “digital storytelling”.  You simply design memes by using Photoshop, which is another aspect of this great class. Getting the ability to design anything you want with a variety of different features, and my favorite feature of Photoshop is the 3D feature. I can enhance and move around the words/phrases all over the images I am creating. Learning how to design memes were very trendy and I would like to make more of them.

My very own meme art:

Here is where my frustration comes in now, the fourth week was learning how to take a Panoramic photo. I did not like this assignment so much because it was very hard to construct. My group & I had to decide what we should do in order to make our photo different/unique from everyone else. The idea of it at first was fascinating because I have never done a panoramic photo before. I did not even know it was on my phone, to begin with, dumb…I know don’t tell me okay. I hardly ever took photos on my phone, I usually use my digital camera. So, facing this challenging, frustrating task. My group and I decided to use the video recording studio in the class, that was laid out with a few weird mannequins wearing wigs, beyond other things. It took a while for us to figure what to do, in the process we even asked Professor Seslow for help, so he helped us by clearly restating the directions step by step for us to understand. And it truly did help a lot, and once again I am very grateful for his teachings. Though Professor Seslow taught us how to do a panoramic photo, it might be something I don’t try again in the near future.

Here is OUR GROUP PANORAMIC PHOTO: CHECK IT OUT… Sorry, it’s so small. This is us sitting in chairs having a social conversation with the mannequins (crazy I know right) will the best results probably come out with having the craziest of ideas. On the other side of the room, we are posing with half of the mannequins in our hands.

For the last couple of weeks, we have worked on so many different things such as gif portraits:,, using Photoshop and designing our vaporware: The class just kept getting better and better every upcoming week. To the point, it was hard to imagine having to leave it at the end of the semester. Nothing can’t untaught from what we know from Professor Seslow. I hope in the future I get to take his class again, where he brings more exciting things forward.

Near the final ending of CT 101, Professor Seslow starting on us building our websites, by creating our domain names, adding our first blog post, updating it with Akismet-anti spam, Jetpack, display an entry photo for when viewers look into our website, and many other features to make our site presentable to the public internet. It was beyond wonderful, chic and trendy to build our websites, especially if we want to further promote it in the future when we move onto our careers.

I most definitely will be using my website to build on my freelancing photojournalism career. When I decided to travel the world, taking photos and profile article reports on people all over the world. I don’t know if my goal will be reached but I will try my best to make it in this competitive field.

Overall, I find this class to be very intriguing, engaging, and exciting, even though I was stress over having to take five classes this semester. I manage to make it to CT 101 every day, in hopes of learning something and being successful in it. I can say the work I produced for the class was at least to its minimum compacity to what I was assigned to do. I really hope my posts get me enough to pass the class. The deserving grade I would assess myself to receive would be a B or B+ because I most definitely worked my hardest to get as much blog posts up as possible. In the end, I can say I am glad my advisor suggested I take this class, or else I wouldn’t have known, what a great person Professor Seslow is and how he opened my mind to new things I can use in the future to teach others as he helped me. A connection really builds in this class, and I am glad I was a part of it. So, Thank you Professor Seslow, never stop teaching because you definitely have more lives to change. You have made me appreciate life in my work to how far I can go with it. Thank you!!!


The Holiday Week is Here and the New Year is Just Around the Corner.

Question 1: What are you doing for the Christmas holiday?

This time of the year, people are shopping for the gifts of a lifetime but also fighting for them too. Shopping online and going through the department stores in NYC and in other places.

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday throughout the year, where families visit each other and/or start celebrating new traditions by getting rid of the old. Everyone has their own way of doing things this year-round.

Sitting around by the table with my family and friends was always a happy moment because you create memories, open gifts, eat food (the best part), sing or listen to the classics, and talk about the different things that you are planning to do in the next upcoming year.

Nothing is more satisfying, then being with a family who loves and care for you.

Question 2: Do you ever stop and think about other people who can’t celebrate the most joyful holiday of the year?

Christmas might be excited for most people, but not a lot of people can afford the gifts and happiness of the holiday spirit, why because they might have lost jobs, homes, and/or family, the year now or the year before.

Perhaps donate some food, gifts, or clothes to people that want the love of the holidays. Nothing can make you warmer in your heart than to give to others such as children, seniors, groups of family.

Not everything must have a price on it, somethings can be priceless, and this is the perfect time to create new resolutions for the new year 2019. Get rid of the hatred for your haters because who knows your enemy might become your closest friend.

No one can predict what the future will hold.



Final Exam Week

So, Final exams are starting this week, and that means everyone including myself are studying like crazy…..

I have two exams coming up this week, and I am a nervous wreck because testing in school was never my favorite. I always seem to freak out the whole situation before it starts. But I guess most people are like that, it happens when you don’t want it too.

However, when the finals are over, the accomplishment of knowing it’s over feels great because now, you can start thinking about sleeping, eating, and/or partying or until reality hits you in the face when you just remembered you haven’t signed up for classes for the next semester.

Well, I look forward to passing my classes this semester, and when I am done.






What is making me happy

There are not a lot of people, that can speak the truth about the world we live in today. Artist much like Childish Gambino sings the given elements of what people see before their eyes. Like the political and injustice social environment that has kept our views, rights, and freedom is hidden away.

What makes me happy about this song is that not only is Childish Gambino showing what is happening in most neighborhoods, schools and etc, but he is performing a perfect example of how the past chain of events can influence my future in the 21st-century modern-day life. It has me thinking about my life and what sort of impact can I leave the world thinking about.

The last record part, where Gambino is running away from those events shows me and which bares the question (What can I change or what can we do?) by simply turning or running away from the reality that is our world. It does not really matter, what race, gender, and ethnicity we come from. If believing in something gives you strength then use it to make a difference.


GIF Moments of CT 101

Literally, on the first class day, I really did not know what to expect being so nervous, I could not even think straight. Considering I had never taken a CT course in digital storytelling, and above all that I had no knowledge of how to even start.

Then, Professor Ryan was telling us stories and the types of the assignments we will be doing in during the course. It got me thinking now, I can finally express myself, develop creative ideas that I never knew I could do, and construct all of that sitting at the computer. Which I love to do anyway in between my free time.

After listening and getting an understanding of how this course might be, I felt fulfilled and happy knowing this is one class, I can look back on in future and remember where I got my first start at success on creating my own blog, that I can call my own. So I can’t wait to learn more exciting things, this class has to offer me.

I can’t wait to learn more exciting things, this class has to offer me. Now, that nerves are gone, look out…


Understanding Memes are Indeed Art

My first meme was very exciting, because once I got an idea or visual in my mind of what I wanted to say, it became quite easy to design. The dynamic part about memes is the ability to convey messages in expressions and/or feelings to the public in the form of digital media.

I have come to understand memes are definitely art because it creates a social connection or trend that develops into a skill used in careers like marketing in advertising brands, in order to reach and get responses from a young generational audience through Facebook, and twitter. The 21st-century cultural pattern has determined, that this freedom of voice in meme art can be passed down further into the future. Here above is meme art I myself had created using the 3D feature in Photoshop during CT 101, which I find is a very useful piece of technology in developing your latest ideas.

Here are some memes I found quite funny and displays how it gets when you get distracted during the day especially in a boring class.

Live Behind The ;>Theatrical Panoramic

CT 101 with Professor Seslow has become even more interesting and digitally creative when he teaches us about the panoramic feature on our smartphones for the first time. Entering the world of panoramic view, understanding it and using it to the utmost advance was incredibly amazing because my team members and I got an idea, where we are having a social discussion involving mannequins but the funnier part of it, was us carrying a half mannequin around with no legs to pose. Even though, it was an experience to remember. It took a lot of determination and hard work to get it done because there were a few obstacles that got in the way but after we finished the panoramic photo it turned out great.

Flash For the Paparazzi!!!

Recently in CT 101, we learn the amazing art of how to make animated portraits, and the perfect person I thought of was my idol Tae Yang, my favorite K-pop member from the Big Bang. He raps, sings and his fashion sense is always on point. Anyone would think he was crazy because his hair was always changing but that is what makes him unique in his own. Creating an animated Gif portrait is not a one-day thing to learn in a matter of minutes, it’s a long step by step process and missing a beat is crucial. I would know, it took a while but I got back on track with the flow of things and I GOT IT DONE!!

Doctor Who, The Last Time Lord

Imagine a moment in your life, where you can go anywhere you want to. In and out of the universe to experience life . Also given the opportunity to become a different person time after time, even when you have died. Well, Doctor who, the traveling time lord can do exactly that.

He travels through time and space in different eras of the world, saving the lives of aliens, and humans everywhere. Doctor who, a man with an unknown name from a planet called Gallifrey. His planet was destroyed in the last great time war, making him one of the last of his kind across the galaxy. However, Doctor who is not a man who travels alone, throughout every aspect of his life, he travels with a female companion, aboard the TARDIS. The TARDIS is the most powerful spaceships in the universe,  designed as an old blue police box. The TARDIS is a really unique, it can do almost anything, it can change its appearance just like the Doctor, and it can blend into the environment, everywhere it lands.

This gif represents season 5 of Doctor Who in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who cannot only change is appearance, but his age changes as well depending on the person he transforms into. The series of Doctor who, is one of the longest running tv shows in BBC TV ever. Doctor Who is dated back to the early 60s to the present time, when we didn’t have colored telly (television) yet.

Doctor who, is an awesome show and quite interesting. Try watching it. It may not be like Game of Thrones or Viking but once you have seen it, you will be looking for more.


Join the New Trend…..VAPOR WAVES!

In class today, we developed a new ways to create more interesting posts by incorporating vapor waves. Vapor waves is new idea of memes in recreating 80s and 90s styles, using photoshop as the graphic design tool. However, creating vapor waves wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, in fact it was quite difficult to get all the steps down one by one. Vapor waves are dynamically cool, and fancy, because you can pick any images in transparent form and convert them into the png to transfer them into a big art board into photoshop.  After, doing so, you can resize your image, even arrange them in any order you prefer, creating a dramatic new scene.

Welcome to the vapor wave trend…..iTS MIND BOOMING!!